Greetings from Highway Commissioner Antonio Rubino

Dear Orland Township Residents,

I’d like to introduce myself – my name is Antonio Rubino, and I am your new Highway Commissioner. Although I am new to the Highway Department, I am not new to the Township. I have served Orland Township residents as the Collector since 2011 and as a Township Trustee since 2013. I now look forward to serving as your Highway Commissioner.

The Orland Township Highway Department maintains and services the roads, bridges, and road right-of-ways in unincorporated Orland Township, keeping them safe and accessible. This includes repair and construction of streets, storm sewers, sidewalks, curbs and street signs. In addition, the Department is responsible for snow removal, street sweeping, street lighting, right-of-way mowing and culvert replacement.

Orland Township’s unincorporated infrastructure is monitored, maintained, repaired, cleared and upgraded on a daily basis. The Highway Department will work with the community to be efficient and responsible.

Improving the safety and overall appearance of our community is a cooperative effort between the Highway Department and its residents. Please help make Orland Township a community to be proud of by reporting illegal dumping, street light outages, potholes, or broken/missing street signs to the Highway Department Maintenance Facility.

In addition to continuing with these services, my goal is to improve communications with our residents, enhance services, and improve transparency with our projects each year.

I can be reached at This is your Highway Department, and we are working for you!

See you around the community!

Antonio Rubino